1. What personal information of users can be used by the company?

When you enter the portal as a user, you must be sure to register, indicating:
mailbox email address;

the card number of the bank serving you to replenish the account and withdraw money;
e-wallet number.

Such information about the client is recorded on the portal and remains available for use throughout the entire period of cooperation with the firm.

2. How is personal information about the client used?

The personal data you provide during registration on the portal is stored on the service and can be used to:

contribute to the efficient operation of the portal and its applications, to get a complete picture of how well the portal services are functioning to provide quality services to customers;

assist in the effective implementation of the technical department of its activities;
investigate shortcomings and problems in the functioning of the portal and improve the quality of services provided by the company;

inform customers about advertising and other information, for example, about new services, convenient applications, etc., using mailings to the e-mail box;

Establish a connection between the client and the administration of the portal to promptly respond to the services provided and the operation of the resource as a whole;
respond quickly to help the client with fraudulent threats.

3. Who can use individual customer data?

The user information entered during registration on the site is not disclosed to anyone, except in cases where the law provides otherwise. For example, information about customers may be transferred to other persons at the request of the court or law enforcement agencies, when changing the form of organization or selling a business.

4. How does the company use cookies?

4.1 What are cookies for?

Information about all user actions on the Internet (entering information about yourself, viewing the content of portals, etc.) is temporarily stored in cookies, which are small in size and are located on the user"s computer device. Thanks to the operation of these files, the user, when revisiting the portal, does not enter his data a second time, because the system has recorded all his actions in memory. Portal employees, guided by the information received from cookies, can identify user priorities and thus adjust the site menu, services and offers for more convenient use.

Types of cookies:

Analytical files (they are used to authenticate users and collect information about them in general, which includes moving through portals and viewing certain content);

Necessary files (give users access to the services and applications of the portal, determine the software and browser used to access the network, etc.);

Functional files (save selected user parameters, thereby facilitating interaction with network portals);
third-party files (help in analyzing the parameters of the site, for example, how many people and how often use the services of the portal or simply view the content, which advertising is more successful).

4.2 How long are cookies stored on a computer?

The information contained in text files is stored on the computer for a long time. The storage time depends on the type of cookie. As soon as certain tasks are completed, these files are automatically deleted from the computer.

4.3 Who else can use cookies?

The Google search engine and third parties may use client data contained in cookies for their purposes, except for the use of data outside the portal, as this must be specified in a special agreement.

When visiting the portal for the first time, the visitor automatically receives a message in which he must agree or refuse the use of cookies. Once having agreed, the user may also refuse this offer by removing these files from his browser on his own.

If you need to log in to the site again, you will be prompted to use cookies again. If the message is ignored, the visitor may not be able to use the full functionality of the portal.

To have access to text files on a user" 's device, Google uses pixel tags. With their help, you can:

monitor the movements of users on the Internet;
analyze information about the correct functioning of the site.

5. Guaranteed safety for users

The portal administration staff provides a set of measures to protect user data. They are designed to quickly detect fraudulent activities, which helps to reduce the facts of the distribution of user information to other persons.

But, even despite this, there can be no full guarantee of protection against account hacking by attackers, since the latter use more and more new tricks to achieve their goals. Users need to securely protect their accounts: have complex passwords, and do not share them with anyone. If it was noticed that someone logged into your account, then immediately let the technical support department know about it to protect your data.

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