13 Jun 2023

Remitly vs Western Union - Which is best?

Looking to send money overseas? You’ll have lots of options, including using your bank. But a quicker, more convenient and cheaper way could be to use a specialist international money transfer service.

In this guide, we’ll be comparing two popular choices for overseas payments - Remitly and Western Union. We’ll be aiming to find out which is the easiest to use. Plus, how both services compare on fees, exchange rates, transfer times and more.

But first, a little background info for you. Remitly is a US-based online remittance service established in 2011, which currently offers transfers in over 170 countries worldwide¹.

Western Union (WU), meanwhile, can trace its roots all the way back to 1861, when the Western Union Telegraph Company completed the first transcontinental telephone line in North America.

Today, the company offers money transfer services to nearly every corner of the world, with a 500,000+ strong agent network. And online, Western Union averages 24 transactions every single second².

Both services are popular choices due to their convenient online money transfer services. But which is better, Remitly or Western Union? Read on to find out.

It’s also worth comparing both services with alternatives such as Wise. Another international transfer specialist, Wise offers low fee transfers worldwide at the mid-market exchange rate. But we’ll look at this more later.
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