27 Jun 2023

How to buy funds from ChinaitechPay

1. To be able to buy any of the available digital currencies on ChinaitechPay, #You must be a generally verified email address. If you are not verified click on the link below to verify your account.

2. You must have a digital currency account where you will store the digital currency you are buying, Such as PayPal, Binance, trust wallet, Bitpay, and other wallets.

1. Select your Currency where you want to send or get from and enter your amount. Now click the exchange

2. Now fill in your details below to get your payment or received and click confirmWELKTmh.jpg

3. Send the specific amount and upload your payment proof, now submit it
Dial *170#  (MTN ONLY)
1.  Press 1 to Transfer Money
2. press 1 to Momo user
3. Enter the Mobile Money we have provided you 
4. Now confirmed it again with the same number
5. Now enter the amount you want to send to us 
6. Enter your username as Reference
7. Now enter your Pin
Once you are done, Send us a Screenshot of it.
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