03 Oct 2023

Beware scammers posing as phone support agents 🚨

We have received reports that a small network of scammers are calling or sending SMS messages to our customers pretending to be ChinaitechPay support agents.

ChinaitechPay will never call you about your personal account without first contacting you via our in-app chat. Criminals use sophisticated techniques to build trust; calls can often appear to come from a number recognised as ChinaitechPay, a credit card company, or bank.

Our separate SMS phone numbers are only used to send you the SMS authentication code, or for updates regarding your account. Our support agents will never contact you via those phone numbers.

These phone numbers can easily be replicated, which unfortunately, is out of our control. Remember: never tell anyone your security details, including your PIN code or SMS authentication code. Our support agents will never ask for these as part of your verification.

No unsolicited calls 📱

In the rare cases where we do reach out to you, we will contact you first via the in-app chat and let you know that we will be calling you.

If you are in any doubt about whether you’re speaking to a real support agent, always ask them to send you a message via the in-app chat. If the agent cannot message you while you are on the call, hang up and file a report with us and with Ghana Action Fraud. Do not accept any form of alternative proof, such as an SMS or email.

Security alerts

To achieve the best security controls on your account, please enable push notifications from the ChinaitechPay app and ensure that you have verified your email address to receive security alerts from ChinaitechPay.

Please pay attention to the push notifications from the ChinaitechPay email, which we send to inform you of important events regarding your account. For example, when you log in on a new device, ChinaitechPay will send a notification to all of the devices you have previously used to log in to the ChinaitechPay website. We may also send you an authentication token via email to approve access from a new device.

If you ever receive such a notification or email, but did not attempt to log in from a new device, please immediately change your login PIN code and contact us via in-app chat.

We take your trust in our service very seriously, and we recommend taking a look at our security features to help protect your account from unauthorised access.

For more on what steps ChinaitechPay takes to keep your account safe, read our blog on phishing scams and SIM swap.
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