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ChinaitechPay is a multinational financial technology company offering financial services and software as a service. Founded in 2014 in Ghana and launched the App in 2023, the company is a financial services platform providing exchange transactions to businesses through a Digital banking network.

Who is the CEO?

Francis Columbus Ocran is the CEO of ChinaitechPay and is responsible for devising and implementing the overall strategic vision of the company.

Prior to starting ChinaitechPay, Francis Columbus had over a decade of experience in foreign currency exchange trading and investment banking across Africa, Ghana, and Worldwide.

At ChinaiTechpay, we understand that the process of buying and selling Digital currencies can be overwhelming for many users, especially those new to the world of Digital. That's why we have made our platform simple and intuitive, while also ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of security to protect our customers' assets and information.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the digital asset market. We are constantly working hard to improve our platform and services to ensure that our customers get the best experience possible.

We take pride in our excellent customer service, and our support team is always available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter. Whether you need help with your account, a transaction, or anything else related to our platform, our team is here to help you every step of the way.

License Certified

ChinaitechPay Business Registration No: BN434810523.

Thank you for choosing Chinaitechpay, and we look forward to serving you better than ever!

Our Vision

To be leading provider of payment solutions globally.

Our Vision is to carry out exchange transactions with a large number of electronic currencies. We are working to make cryptocurrency exchange operations fast, safe, and profitable for people.

Our professional support team is ready to help you at any time and make the exchange process easy and enjoyable. We try to give low-cost exchanges and provide the best exchange rate. Orders are processed in the interval from 5 to 15 minutes.

To encrypt these exchange orders, a cryptographic SSL protocol is used, which guarantees the confidentiality and safety of your data. For your convenience, we have developed an adaptive interface that allows you to open the service from any device, be it a computer or a pocket gadget. Exchange operations are carried out in the following directions:

Perfect Money, PayPal, BTC, Payeer, Mobile Money, Bank Transfer, USDT, Payoneer, and others.

Our Mission

Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company.

We’re on a mission to bring transparency to finance, for people without borders. We charge as little as possible, and we always show you upfront. No hidden fees. No bad exchange rates. No surprises.

The best way to check where it is is to ask the person who sent it. They can check its status by logging in to their ChinaiTechpay account.

If you’d like to talk to our support team and you’re a recipient, we, unfortunately, won’t be able to give you any specific details. This is for privacy and security reasons — we can only give information about a transfer to the person who sent it.

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